Board of Directors

Loudoun Habitat for Humanity’s Board of Directors is a group of elected, dedicated individuals that broadly represent individuals and businesses in Loudoun County.  This group sets policy for the affiliate and leads fundraising efforts.

Election of new board members occurs annually in April.  A nominating committee actively recruits individuals interested in serving on the board. Active engagement in accomplishing Loudoun Habitat’s mission and fundraising goals is a requirement for all board members.

2016-2017 Loudoun Habitat Board of Directors
Back Row: Matthew Bowe, John Maxwell, Ruth McElroy, James Miller, Paul Evans
Front Row: Julie Short, James Wehr, Allison Metzger, Mick Beckstrom, Tom O’Dea, Barnabas Schwanke, Greg Phillips, Josh Kane, Abe Abich
Not Pictured: Eric Bear, Rick Hill, Kathy Riley, Michael Scott

2016-2017 Executive Committee
Pictured left to right: Josh Kane (Secretary), Mick Beckstrom (Treasurer), Greg Phillips (Vice President), Jim Wehr (President), John Maxwell, Allison Metzger   Not pictured: Rick Hill