Home Repair Program

Loudoun Habitat for Humanity's Home Repair Program covers tasks such as:  exterior painting and material repairs, landscaping, building or repairing ramps or sheds, building or repairing a porch or deck, gutter repair and cleaning, sidewalk repair, external cleanup, weatherization, and critical home repair.

Partners are selected based on three criteria:

1.  They show a need for our services and currently own their home. 

2.  They meet the income criteria (Homeowners who earn below 60% of the area median income can apply) and have proven the ability to repay the material costs (Repayment amount for repairs is scaled based on income and minimum down payment of $50 for any project.)

3.  They show a willingness to partner with Loudoun Habitat for Humanity through volunteer labor.  (Accommodations will be made for individuals with physical limitations.)

LHFH Home Repairs Program:  How to Apply

·         1: Complete the inquiry form below. Homeowners must submit an inquiry in order to receive an application at the time when funding is available.

·         2: Complete the application within 2 – 3 weeks after receiving notification from LHFH that funding is available. Applications will be sent with this notification.

·         3: Cooperate with LHFH through the application review process and project scope home visit.

·         4: Receive decision by LHFH. Homeowners may be presented with an estimate for proposed services or sent a denial of the application.

·         5: Sign an agreement with LHFH which includes the proposed scope of work and repayment schedule for the home repair project.

2018 Income Guidelines

Household Size Maximum Income
*May be lower depending upon funding source
1 $49,314
2 $56,316
3 $63,318
4 $70,320
5 $76,022
6 $81,623
7 $87,225
8 $92,826

Minimum & Maximum gross income limits are based on 20%-60% of Area Median Family Income (AMI) as set by HUD for the Washington DC Metropolitan Area FY2018.  *Maximum income amount is dependent upon federal funding sources for individual homes and may be lower than 60% Area Median Family Income (AMI) as set by HUD for the Washington DC Metropolitan Area FY2018.


Repayment Requirement:

Home repair applicants are required to pay a small portion of project cost (materials and certain administrative project costs). Repayment amount will be determined by the following sliding scale based upon income level with a minimum payment of $50 on any project.

20%-40% of the Area Median Income            Homeowner will pay 5% of project cost (Min. $50)

41%-50% of Area Median Income                  Homeowner will pay 10% of project cost (Min. $50)

51%-60% of the Area Median Income            Homeowner will pay 15% of project cost (Min. $50)

*Refer to household incomes above*

Submit an Inquiry:

Complete the form below to be added to the inquiry list.  PLEASE NOTE:  Completing the form below does not guarantee an immediate response and does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

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Do you own this property *
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Questions that require an answer are marked with an *.

If you would like more information, please contact our Outreach Manager, Julie Steele via email here.