Board of Directors members elected


2017-2018 Loudoun Habitat Board of Directors
Back Row from left: Julie Short, Barnabas Schwanke, Abe Abich, Gayle Bailey, Kathy Riley, Josh Kane, Mick Beckstrom, Allison Metzger
Front Row from left: Julie Hoffmann, John Maxwell, Greg Phillips, Michael Scott, Jennifer Mahoney
Not Pictured: Eric Bear, Rick Hill, Ruth McElroy, Jim Miller, Tom O'Dea

Loudoun Habitat for Humanity recently elected three new members to its Board of Directors, bringing the total number of its members to 18.  The new Board members are Jennifer Mahoney, Julie Hoffmann and Gayle Bailey. They join Abe Abich, Eric Bear, Mick Beckstrom, Rick Hill, Josh Kane, John Maxwell, Ruth McElroy, Allison Metzger, Jim Miller, Tom O’Dea, Greg Phillips, Kathy Riley, Barnabas Schwanke, Michael Scott and Julie Short.

Loudoun Habitat for Humanity’s Board of Directors is a group of elected, dedicated individuals that broadly represent individuals and businesses in Loudoun County.  This group sets policy for the affiliate and leads fundraising efforts.   Active engagement in accomplishing Loudoun Habitat’s mission and fundraising goals is a requirement for all board members.

Putting faith in to action since its incorporation in 1993, Loudoun Habitat for Humanity works toward the goal of eliminating poverty housing throughout the county by providing innovative and affordable housing solutions to qualified individuals and families.  It is our conviction that everyone deserves the opportunity to work to obtain affordable housing, so we partner with local businesses, churches and faith organizations, government and individuals to accomplish the mission of providing affordable housing.